Request a Maryland Home Energy Check-up and get over $100 worth of
Energy Savings Products 

(No Cost, Free Delivery, Free Installation*)

*Checkups take on average less than 45 minutes. This program, also referred to as a “Home Energy Check-up or Audit” is available to you at No Additional Cost, as the costs for the Home Energy Checkup and energy products are funded through the EmPOWER Maryland surcharge on your electric bill.


We are pleased to offer, At No Additional Cost, a selection of Energy Savings Products valued at over $100.


Use this form to request the delivery and installation of your Energy Savings Kit, At No Additional Cost to You. No catch, no sales pitch...


Earn $50 cash for your participating fundraiser group for Potomac Edison customers.

Frequently asked questions

  • It takes an average of 45 minutes. During the Quick Home Energy Checkup, Perry Joy, your certified home energy professional, will evaluate your home’s energy efficiency and make recommendations for improvements to help you save energy and money. He will also deliver Your Energy Savings Products, at no additional cost, valued at over $100.00.
  • Up to 14 LED bulbs
  • Bathroom faucet aerators
  • Kitchen faucet aerators
  • Electric water heater pipe insulation
  • Water-saving showerheads


This program, also referred to as a “Quick Home Energy Checkup” is available to you at No Additional Cost. The costs for the Home Energy Checkup and installing energy saving products are covered through the monthly EmPOWER Maryland surcharge already listed on Maryland resident’s electric bills.  You have already paid for this so why not experience the energy saving products and as a result save money on your electric bill?  There will be no sales pitch or selling of other products or services


If your group will be referring Potomac Edison Customers than you are qualified to partner with us. Please fill out our fund raising contact form or contact Perry Joy through Email or phone: 443-974-7966.  *Note the fundraiser amount is offered for successfully completed appointments and we will notify you, beforehand, if a household does not qualify because it has already received the EmPOWER Md energy check-up and products.

EmPOWER Maryland is a state-level initiative aimed at reducing Maryland’s electricity usage 25 percent by 2020. Each month, Maryland utility customers pay a small surcharge (based on usage) that funds the EmPOWER Maryland that offers reduction and energy efficiency programs. These programs can also help you save money on your energy bill.

Email Perry Joy OR Call: 443-974-7966